Creativity Coaching London

What is Creativity Coaching? Creativity coaching is about having someone who believes in your potential, and can offer guidance and support for your creative journey. A good coach will have real world expertise and experience, combined with an understanding of the artistic mind. They’ll help you develop the skills you need to get to where … Read more

anger management therapy London

Anger Management Therapy Anger is a natural emotion that everyone experiences from time to time. However, when it becomes excessive or uncontrollable, it can have a negative impact on all aspects of your life. Anger management therapy is a form of psychotherapy that can help you: In this article, we’ll take a look at the … Read more

social anxiety therapy london

Social Anxiety Therapy London You know you’re suffering from social anxiety (aka social phobia) when just the thought of having to meet up with a group of friends causes a mild state of panic. It can affect your sleep, and cause an array of psychological and physical symptoms, like blushing, sweating, memory loss and a … Read more

Confidence Counselling London

Confidence Counselling London Low self esteem and self confidence can have a huge impact on the quality of your life. The causes of low confidence come from negative self beliefs, often established from a very young age. Over time the beliefs are reinforced through encounters and relationships, resulting in a vicious cycle of negativity. By … Read more

spiritual counselling

What is Spiritual Counselling? Spirituality can be described in many ways, and ultimately it’s unique for everyone. In this article I’ll define spiritual as feeling a connection to something greater than yourself, and being more than just your body, thoughts and emotions and desires. Spirituality involves viewing life (and death) as a mystery. No matter … Read more

Anxiety Therapy London Guide

Anxiety Therapy London Guide As a psychotherapist in London, I’ve worked with many clients who experience the effects of long term anxiety. Living with anxiety can be really challenging and left untreated can become debilitating. It’s not just the fast pace and stress of London life that can make you feel anxious – anxiety can … Read more

Depression Therapy London Guide

Depression Therapy London Guide While living and working in London might seem like many peoples dreams, the realities can be far from ideal. Long working hours, stressful jobs and burn out can take their toll on your mental health. Are you suffering from depression? Have you been feeling low for some time? Or just feeling … Read more

Talking Therapy London Guide

Talking Therapy London Guide If you’re suffering from stress, anxiety or depression, you may be thinking about talking with someone who can help you feel better. Friends and family can be good listeners, but sometimes it’s easier to speak with a trained therapist. You’ll be able to talk about anything that’s on your mind in … Read more

Trauma Therapy – London Guide

Trauma Therapy London Guide What is trauma? A trauma is a psychological wound caused suddenly by a shock, or gradually over months or years by psychological abuse. When we encounter something which is too overwhelming to process, it can bypass the conscious mind and become stored in the body. It takes the form of tension, … Read more

Integrative Therapy in London

Integrative Therapy London Guide What is Integrative Therapy? London Guide You are a unique person. You have your own personality style, your own history and your own way of viewing the world. So when you’re looking at the types of therapy London offers, it’s worth checking that you’re choosing the style that suits you. There’s … Read more