Therapy for narcissism

Behind the Mask – How therapy for narcissism works 10 Insights into the narcissistic personality We often hear of the dangers of narcissists, how to spot them, how to avoid them, and how to recover from narcissistic abuse. In our current culture, narcissists are considered evil beings with zero empathy, intent on devaluing and destroying … Read more

Codependency Therapy

Codependency Therapy in London Codependency therapy is for people who tend to become overly invested in social relationships, so much so that they sacrifice their own self care and needs to make the relationship work. If you’re overly obsessed with your partner, always doing your best to please them, or suffer from low self esteem, … Read more

Grief and Bereavement Counselling

Bereavement Counselling London Guide Loosing someone close to you can be incredibly painful. Whether it’s your partner, a friend, or someone from your family, your world has suddenly changed. You might be facing difficult or confusing emotions, as your expectations of what the future holds have shattered. It can be hard for other people to … Read more

CPTSD Therapy

CPTSD Therapy London Guide Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or CPTSD is a psychological condition, commonly resulting from childhood trauma and abuse. Trauma can be inflicted on a child in many ways – physically, emotionally, constant criticism, childhood sexual abuse or neglect. If you’ve grown up in an environment with abusive, narcissistic, or emotionally immature … Read more

Psychosomatic Therapy

Psychosomatic therapy London Guide Psychosomatic therapy is a talking therapy designed to help people who have physical symptoms which cannot be explained from a medical perspective. If you’re experiencing any of the painful symptoms from the list below, and you’ve already seen your GP or doctor, it’s possible they might stem from a psychological or … Read more

Counselling for Childhood Trauma

Counselling for Childhood Trauma Childhood trauma can have a huge impact on how your life unfolds, effecting both your mental health and body. If you have been traumatised through childhood abuse, you might feel that you can’t trust anyone, that you’re damaged and unlovable, and that nothing can ever change. It can lead to anxiety, … Read more

Self Development Counselling

Self development counselling London Guide As a psychotherapist in Central London, I’ve had the privilege of accompanying many people on their journey of self development. With a myriad of therapies and techniques, psychotherapy and counselling offer unparalleled benefits for self-development in both the personal and professional arenas. Some areas self-development counselling can help: What is … Read more

Counselling for Men

Counselling for men London Guide Mental health and therapy for men is becoming more popular in London. Counselling for men is a talking therapy which caters for men and the unique challenges the face, including relationship difficulties, childhood sexual abuse, childhood trauma, gender identity and drug and alcohol abuse. The stereotype of a man having … Read more

PTSD Therapy

PTSD Therapy London Guide What is PTSD? PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a mental health condition which you may have developed after experiencing or witnessing a highly traumatic event. This could be a threat to your life, a violent attack, sexual assault, sexual abuse, a car accident, or military combat. You can also experience … Read more

Narcissistic Abuse Therapy

The Transformative Power of Narcissistic Abuse Therapy As a Central London-based psychotherapist I often encounter clients dealing with narcissistic abuse. This can be from early relationships, past romantic attachments, emotionally immature parents, or current partners and friends. Anyone grappling with narcissistic abuse faces a unique set of challenges, and will benefit from a particular form … Read more