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Trauma Therapy

Trauma can be caused suddenly, or gradually over months or years by psychological abuse

Depression Therapy

Depression is extremely common, and the biggest reason people come for therapy and counselling

Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety is a reaction to the threat of danger or a stressful situation, where the body goes into a state of high alert

It’s good to talk

People come to therapy for many different reasons. And it’s not always easy to make that first step.

Whatever you need help with, I offer a safe, non-judgemental space to explore what’s troubling you. There’s nothing we can’t talk about.

We’ll look at pathways to healing and transformation, and I’ll help you to achieve your goals and create a more fulfilling life.

I’m Daren Banarsë, a licensed psychotherapist and counsellor.

Client Reviews

“Daren listens with undivided attention and asks the most thought-provoking questions. He helped me look at many things from a completely different perspective. When I shared with Daren the most shameful and difficult experience from my past, I was received with a lot of empathy. His guidance and holding presence helped me get back on my feet and rebuild my life”

Therapist in London

Therapy for you

As an integrative therapist, I use a variety of tools, especially tailored to your needs. We’ll work together to discover what’s standing in the way of your natural potential.

We’ll take a deep dive into your life. We’ll look at your beliefs, and how you’re relating to people around you. We’ll see what’s holding you back.

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Work with me

If you think we’d be a good match, I’d like to hear from you. Therapy starts with an initial consultation where I can get a sense of who you are and how I can help. It’s also a chance for you to see if you feel a connection to me as a potential therapist.