Trauma Therapy – London Guide

Trauma Therapy London Guide What is trauma? A trauma is a psychological wound caused suddenly by a shock, or gradually over months or years by psychological abuse. When we encounter something which is too overwhelming to process, it can bypass the conscious mind and become stored in the body. It takes the form of tension, … Read more

Integrative Therapy in London

Integrative Therapy London Guide What is Integrative Therapy? London Guide You are a unique person. You have your own personality style, your own history and your own way of viewing the world. So when you’re looking at the types of therapy London offers, it’s worth checking that you’re choosing the style that suits you. There’s … Read more

Mindfulness therapy in London

Mindfulness Therapy London Guide The Wonders of Mindfulness, London Guide What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is a way of waking up from the habitual thoughts and feelings and that go round and round in your head. These ruminations are so familiar to you, it’s easy to mistake the crowded space you call reality as normal. And … Read more

Choose the Right Therapy – London Guide

How to Choose The Right Therapy, London Guide What so many types of therapy available in London, which one do you choose? It can be confusing and overwhelming. Read on to discover your options… I’m a qualified and licensed psychotherapist, with a practice in Central London. In this guide I’ll do my best to give … Read more